Apply for a board position

No matter what faculty you are from, you can apply for a position at SHAPE. We're currently in the FHML Faculty Council and the University Council, but who knows where we might go with your help!

As part of the board, you'll help expand SHAPE + solidify our current influence. You'll work together with other motivated, like-minded students, who want to, above all, improve education at UM.

Click here to read more about the duties of board members.

Email directly to, preferably from your student email. 

What you'll need to include in your email:

  • CV

  • Motivation letter (max. 1 A4)

Visit our Board page for more information about the current board, visit our About page to see what we think is most important, or send us a message via our contact page, email, or Instagram/Facebook. Good luck! 

PS: not interested in joining the board? But want to help out some other way? Contact us here to ask about the possibilities! You can also contact us there to become a member (what is that?)