The Tasks of a Board Member

In general, the job of a board member at SHAPE is focused on expanding seats (on a faculty where we already have a presence, but also to other faculties), recruiting students who want to be on the councils, and everything else that is needed around these two things. This means, for example, organizing information nights, creating a policy plan for the new academic year, coming up with strategies for growth, and keeping students involved inside and outside the council. The board, in short, is the central unit of the party that coordinates and strategizes.

Board Positions

  • President

The President heads the board. They are responsible for maintaining smooth collaboration within the board and give general direction. Their tasks include leading meetings, ensuring the board meets its deadlines, helping to solve issues that arise, and representing SHAPE as a whole to external parties. 

  • Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for documenting board meetings, and managing email and communications with related contacts. They take accurate meeting minutes and ensure their timely delivery to the rest of the board and any relevant parties. They ensure professional communications with others, and raise important issues sent through the various communication channels with the rest of the board. 

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the budget. They create a goal budget at the start of the year and a realization at the end of the year. They work together with other board members who spend money, such as the head of Public Relations. They keep an eye on money spent throughout the year, in order to adjust the budget according to the year's needs. 

  • External Relations

The head of External Relations (ER) is responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with new third parties. Whereas the Secretary is responsible for maintaining communications with established relations, the head of ER seeks out relations that could be mutually beneficial. This may concern, for instance, individuals or organizations at different faculties or local or national organizations. 

  • Public Relations

The head of Public Relations (PR) is responsible for creating and maintaining a social media presence, and maintaining the website. They keep an eye on incoming communications on social media, and ensure (physical) visibility of SHAPE during election periods. They work together with the treasurer to manage the financial aspect of this.