SHAPE is a brand-new party, set up in 2018, with a fresh approach towards university

Our representatives are from different study programmes at FHML and FPN. Our candidate lists have at least one student representative from each programme at the faculty. Our shared list for the University Council with LEX presents students studying at the Faculty of Law in addition to students from FHML and FPN (read more here).  

Some of our Council members are experienced student representatives or being a board members, and some have no experience. This grants SHAPE lots of knowledge about the inner workings of the faculties, as well as fresh views in student representation. By keeping close ties with our fellow students and student representatives within and outside of the FHML and FPN, we can make a significant difference within our university.

Study associations

We have excellent contact with all the study associations in FHML and FPN; MSV Sante, SA Helix, AsKlepiOs, MSV Pulse, EUnitas and Placebo. Regular meetings between the members of the Faculty and University Council and the board members of the study associations take place.







Like the name suggests, we aim to re-SHAPE the Faculty and University Council, improving its current format. We want to make sure the students know what happens behind closed doors, and what decisions the Councils make. This contact should take place throughout the year, not only during elections. This would allow the gauging of students' opinions on matters discussed in the Councils. Representation and voicing your opinion as a student should become integral to the student experience at UM. 

Student well-being is one of SHAPE's top priorities. We especially emphasize the importance of focus on employability after graduation, interconnectedness between students at different faculties and the residents of Maastricht, and a healthy campus. The latter includes the availability of healthy, affordable foods of high quality, students' mental (and physical) health, and sustainability. 

SHAPE is passionate about improving the current digital learning materials and online education. This includes extensions of the material available in the online library and better access to high-quality lectures. 

We believe collaboration among faculties to be of enormous potential for the diversity of students' education. We would like to see more opportunity and support for taking classes at different faculties, or even combining two study programmes. Extracurricular activity should be stimulated and supported, and language classes should be more accessible to all students.  

Sustainability is a vital practice. Therefore, we believe that UM should quickly work towards net carbon neutrality, provide a green and healthy environment for students and staff, and incorporate education on the topics of climate change and sustainability in study programme curricula.  


In short...

SHAPE aims to deal with problems that FHML, FPN and UM students in general deal with. By being approachable and accessible for every student within the faculties, we intend to ensure improvement that you will notice on a day-to-day basis, such as more study areas, lecture recordings, more possibilities for student initiatives and flexible studying, more job opportunities for students at the university beside their study (as a student-assistent, for example) and control over the change within study financing laws. We want students to thrive in an environment as conducive to their success as possible, whatever success may mean to them. 

Representatives from SHAPE will work hard to be more transparent and make more people aware of the role of the Faculty Council and University Council within the university. Don’t hesitate to contact the board or your representatives if you have any questions, comments or concerns.