Co-operation with JFV Ouranos

For the University Council, SHAPE is collaborating with JFV Ouranos on the candidate list as representatives from multiple faculties are required for the University Council to ensure as many studies as possible are represented. We also have a lot in common in regards to goals and vision, such as the importance of education, career perspectives and community spirit within University Maastricht. Due to the good relationship between the study associations, we are able to support Ouranos for University Council.

  1. Ruben Berghuis (JFV Ouranos)
  2. Virginia Debe Debernardi (JFV Ouranos)
  3. Max Schrijnemakers (JFV Ouranos)
  4. Jesse van Spijk (JFV Ouranos)
  5. Vincent van Ooteghem (SHAPE)
  6. Tanguy Dewaele (SHAPE)

Electable students

  1. Loes Beekman (Health sciences)
  2. Katrina Go (Biomedical sciences)
  3. Sanne Mijnheere (Master medicine)
  4. Rivanna Ikeotuonye (European Public Health)
  5. Emma Sanders (Bachelor medicine)
  6. Annelore Doezé (Health sciences)
  7. Tiemen van Oorschot (Master medicine)
  8. Akin Bay (Bachelor medicine)
  9. Lisa de Cubber (Bachelor medicine)
  10. Valery van Bruggen (AKO)