The faculty- and university council are the representative bodies responsible for ensuring that the voices of the students and staff are heard, and that they have an influence on what could improve or change within the faculty and the university. This could be smaller things, which are easier to implement, but some issues are deeply rooted within the university, and require a long-term effort to solve. It often takes years to get satisfactory results.

Elections 2018

Every year, Maastricht University holds elections to elect representatives for the faculty- and university council. This will take place on Tuesday the 22nd of May until Thursday the 24th of May this year. There are different parties with their own separate views and vision. Ours (SHAPE) can be found in our election program in the link below. During this week, candidates from SHAPE will be available on campus, so we encourage you to approach them and learn more about SHAPE!

You can vote on the following link: https://elections.maastrichtuniversity.nl.