Elections 2020

SHAPE is running for University Council, FHML Faculty Council and FPN Faculty Council!

With the digital elections coming up, we are happy to announce that we will be running for 3 councils this year! Even though the elections will be taking place a little differently than previous years, we have all the confidence in our candidates and party that we will be putting down yet another successful election with everyone involved.

Don’t forget to vote between the 25th and 28th of May via www.elections.maastrichtuniversity.nl , so we can SHAPE the university, together.

Our University Council candidates

Our University Council list is a shared list with Ouranos, the student representation party of the Faculty of Law.


Candidates: 1. Annabel Vonken (Ouranos); 2. Yasmin Hashish (SHAPE); 3. Lars Haas (Ouranos); 4. Tanguy Dewaele (SHAPE); 5. Nadim Abdalla (Ouranos); 6. Gijs van der Hamsvoort (SHAPE); 7. Rob van der Horst (Ouranos); 8. Juul Depla (SHAPE); 9. Vera Kleinveld (SHAPE)

Election program: 2020 University Council Election program SHAPE/Ouranos (EN)2020 University Council Election program SHAPE/Ouranos (NL)


Our FHML Faculty Council candidates

Candidates: 1. Emma Sanders; 2. Iris van Lieshout; 3. Juul Hennissen; 4. Leanne van Eijsden; 5. Matthijs Bosveld; 6. Nienke Bosma; 7. Sahil Sabnani; 8. Coco Smit; 9. Anne Steeghs; 10. Eline Jagtenberg; 11. Jaycey Kelly; 12. Jasper Ploos van Amstel; 13. Charlie van Deursen

Election program: 2020 FHML Election program SHAPE (EN) / 2020 FHML Election program SHAPE (NL)
Infographic: 2020 FHML Infographic SHAPE (ENG) / 2020 FHML Infographic SHAPE (NL)


Our FPN Faculty Council candidates

Candidates: 1. Ana Reinartz Groba; 2. Benedikt Stöckle; 3. Nokhez Usama; 4. Minne Pijfers

Election program: 2020 FPN Election program SHAPE (EN)
Infographic: 2020 FPN Infographic SHAPE (EN)


More information about our candidates

In the time leading to the elections, we will be publishing our lists and letting you get to know our candidates via our social media (Facebook and Instagram at @SHAPEMaastricht). Feel free to check out our website to get to know more about SHAPE!